2018 Inflatable Tents Industry Global Key Players & Their Countries

Inflatable tents industry has met a comprehensive growth for the past 5 years, supporting the GDP growth of their mother countries. 

And it is the heartbeat of every reputable company to reach a certain market share in their various industries.

Although, "Success works as a cycle growth and contraction, balancing and unbalancing all while you're encountering hurdles that get higher and higher over time" Julien Smith, The Flinch.

We have compiled the list of key players in the Inflatable tents industry and their countries. Now, according to the ENGINEERING EXCHANGE research report, we have 10 assessable companies below:

1. Pioneer Balloon - this is an international company founded in 1917. Obviously, it is the oldest company on the list.

Pioneer Balloon is a US company, they celebrated their 100 years in the operation last year 2017.

Company headquarters: 5000 E.29th St. North Wichita, KS 67220-2111 USA


2. Windship Inflatables - Windship was launched in 1981 and they started operation in 1985 which was actually the year they manufactured their first Inflatables.

Now, from 1985 to this day is 33 years they have been in business.

Head office: 18119107 Ave Edmonton, AB Canada


3. Creatable Inflatables - Creatable Inflatables is a US manufacturer.

 They started manufacturing Inflatables such as Inflatable tents, Inflatable Dome tents and other Inflatables since 1984 which means 34 years in business.

Office: 9872 Rush St. South El Monte, CA 91733.


4. Airquee - Airquee Ltd is a UK  company. They came into the business since 2003.

Furthermore, from the birth of Airquee Ltd, they have had a continual growth from strength to strength and now one of the global key leaders in the business.

Company office: Airquee Ltd, Duel House, Llandowlais Street, Cwmbran.


5. Aier Inflatable - Aier Inflatable group's dream to become a world-class Inflatables manufacturer has finally come through.
Aier is a Chinese company. They have become one of the global key industry leaders, in Inflatable tents manufacturing business.

Company office: 703, B building, Hamge Business Square, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China.


6. Inflatable Design Group - IDG prides themselves on having the best craftspeople in the Inflatable Tents industry who have over 20 years experience working with a comprehensive list of Inflatables.

This strength has been the secret to the Inflatable Design Group's growth, and that has made them appear on the list of the global industry leaders.

Head office: 1080 W.Bradley, Suite B El Cajon CA 92020 California


7. LookOurWay - LookOurWay is a US inflatables manufacturer.

They believe in reaching out to consumers directly, without a middleman to enable them to beat their competition on pricing. That's amazingly strategic.

Now they are able to appear on the list of the key players in the global inflatable tents industry.

Company office: 2459 Lombard Street San Francisco, CA 94123.


8. Inflatables International Inc - this is also a US company although, not a manufacturer, but supplies from manufacturers.

Their target markets are the aviation and maritime industry, providing safety systems for their major customers. Their growth has also brought them to the list.

Headquarters: South Florida.


9. Tent Bazaar - Tent Bazaar is an Indian company, they have been in the business for over 50 years. They pride themselves on stockists of hospitality supplies such as catering, tents and hospitality products.

And again, based on their claim on the commitment to service, we've come to realize that Tent Bazaar's watchword is "being the best quality and decent price savvy".

They also made it to the list of world inflatable tents industry leaders.

Office address: E - 17, S.M.A Industrial Area, Opp. Jahangir Puri Metro Station, Delhi - 110033.


10. ABC-InflatableABC has been in the inflatable business for over two decades. They are an England company and also offer a tangible 3 step - service:

i. Free consultation through telephone before even giving you a quote

ii. They offer their customers a realistic assessment of the cost of using the inflatables they buy. For example, the performance areas such as in the air, on the ground, portable etc.

iii. They also offer full service to their consumers right from the supply of helium, the installation to the inflatables and other necessary things within their services agreement, and also obtaining flying licenses for them.

Company address: 4 Wildmere Close, Wildmere Industrial Estate, Banbury, Oxfordshire, Ox163TL.


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