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How to Start a Party Rental Business From Scratch

Whether you already have a job, but you’re not satisfied with how much you are earning every month, or you sit at home taking care of your children maybe as a woman.

You would like to add some extra cash to the family’s

Truly, a party rental business is definitely something you need to consider.

It doesn’t require too much effort from your side, as it can grow as you go, the working hours are flexible, and it can be started from scratch, without any equipment and entrepreneurial knowledge.

According to IBISWorld's December 2017 report on party rental business, they recorded that every $1.00 spent on labor, operators are expected to spend $0.30 on capital investment. 

And again, generally, the capital requirements that are necessary to begin operations are relatively minimal.

All you have to do is to want to start a
business because you’ll get all the info you need on the lines that follow.

What kind of business is it?

Firstly, we need to look at what a party rental business m…

A Step by Step Guide to Marketing Event Venue

In today's post, you are going to pick some important event venue marketing strategies.

 Whether you are planning to get one, or you have a venue already, but trying to promote it to get more exposure which may result in more client base.

But before we continue, there are some few important questions you need to consider:

1. What is your location like?
2. Who are your target audiences?
3. How do people think about your venue?
4. Who are your competitors?
5. Do you really attend trade shows and probably other events?

We threw those questions to help you exercise your mind.

Secondly, the event venue marketing strategies highlighted below will help you to answer those questions, and position your business to success.

Step#1.  Venue Marketing Plan

Now you want to use some effective marketing tools:

a. Talking to people that matter one on one

According to Don Peppers of Center Exhibition Industry Research, a business author and professional speaker, who had made presentations in 63 diff…

Metal Carport Canopy: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

When you are done reading this post about metal carport canopy, I believe you will decide to have it installed in your place. 

Or if you have it already installed, there is also a room for an adjustment.

The time and the efforts you make to keep your car engine alive, that's how you should care about its exterior as well as the interior.

Although, metal Carport canopy could also be used for more purposes such as car wash business or for storage.

We have talked about 5 Amazing Benefits of The Rectractable Awnings in the past.

Today, we want to talk about why you need this carport shade structure as a property owner, or a hotel owner, shopping malls, transporters etc.

How you can maintain it, maybe after few years of its installation and again, you may decide to upgrade to a newer version.

Let's jump in.

Why You Need Metal Carport Canopy

Metal carport canopy is a simple structure that doesn't have doors.

You are able to achieve the roof by a few vertical poles without any obs…

3 Blackout Shades Health Benefits You Should Know

You may be wondering how possible this could be. 
 When Joseph S. Apfel invented blackout shades in 1942 in the US, his aim which he achieved was to prevent light escaping therethrough the windows.
Now as the year's go-by and as science and technology advance, there are more discoveries in addition to this invention.
Light is tricky. Though, it will chase away darkness to enable you to see your environment clearly, but will not tell you most of its negative effects.
According to experts, there is a serious danger of too much light while you try to sleep.
For example, Andy Richards from West London once complained dazzling light rays through his bedroom windows of the home he shares with the wife Kate.
They complained that the street light that shines through their windows makes it not possible for them to sleep as shown in the screenshot below.

Now let's briefly talk about the health benefits of the blackout shades which I believe will also benefit you.
The Health Benefits of t…

7 Resources For Travel Insurance For backpackers You Should Know Today

Are you new into Backpacking or an existing backpacker who does not have insurance cover? Think again.

 If you are looking at travel insurance for backpackers, you are making a brilliant decision.

In today's post, you are going to pick 7 helpful backpacking insurance resources.

And also major areas you will be covered during your long continuous backpacking period.

In the previous month, I reshared a post on Facebook about a young lady who was in a serious health issue; in the sense that she had a serious injury on the forehead while in a foreign country.

Everybody who cared had to reshare the post to help alert her relations.

Had it been she had a travel insurance that got her covered, her case would have been different.

"Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." Arthur C. Clarke.

I have read many blogs on backpacking, but I rarely see bloggers who have had many years experience on backpacking talk about the…

5 Amazing Benefits Of The Rectractable Awnings

The retractable awnings or any other type of awnings primary purpose is not merely for beautification.

 Their primary purpose is mainly to provide shelter against the weather.

Some water does splash through the window when it rains though, depending on the direction of your window. So it evidently did so in at least one case. It has happened to me during last rainy season; one day I rushed out to work forgetting to shot my glass window, and it rained that day, when I got back home I meet my bed already wet.

Now again, see a short story of how Azzizzi had an encounter with two Asian women for the sake of shelter. He said,

"A few years ago, when my wife and I were still dating, we went to one of my son's little league baseball games. We knew in advance which baseball field it would be played in, so we already knew they had no seating for spectators and no shade, either. I brought lawn chairs and an EZ-Up (a canvas canopy with four legs).

"When the game was about to start, we pi…

How To Choose The Right Tent For Camping (Simple Steps)

The experience of family tent camping can develop stronger family bonds and lasting memories.

According to The Camping and Caravanning Club's study
64 percent campers said that taking their family on camping holidays can help enhance their children and grandchildren mental wellbeing, and social skills.
But have you ever been stuck, trying to buy a camping tent due to numerous beautiful designs, styles, and colors; not knowing the one to choose?

When it comes to making decisions in buying anything, it can happen to anybody.

It has happened to me. When I went to the market to pick some packet shirts, it took me much time than expected to pick my choice designs and colors.

Due to the fact that there are dozens of different, beautiful designs, mixed colors and things like that.

The same things apply to choosing the tent for your family camping.

But in this short post, I will show you some steps I learned in terms of choosing the right tent for camping that could save you time and energ…

3 Reasons Strong Winds Collapse Event Tent and How To Avoid It :

In the architectural world, foundations play a very important role in building structures.

But how could an event tent that has no, or shallow foundation survive so boisterous and merciless winds?

You will get the answer to this question as we analyze the simple reasons winds collapse event tents and how you could possibly avoid it.

3 Reasons Basically :
#1. Wrong choice - meaning, quality or inferiority.

 The choice you make when hiring or purchasing an event tent will either make or Mar your event.

It is either you chose the wrong rental service or manufacturer who is not a reputable company.

 Wrong installers could be the problem.

Maybe you chose to mobilize some inexperience guys to do your installation, after you might have made your purchase.

The choice could be one way or the other.

Remember the incident on 16th Dec. 2016 about the marquee tent collapse on president Zuma of South Africa's reconciliation event?

When you look at the marquee tent in question, in the above scree…

How To Start An Event Company

Starting up an event company is more or
less the same way you start any other business.

You need some basic requirements.
Hope you heard about the LG's Twenty - Gun Trip To The Hospital?
This Korean manufacturer LG failed in 2013 for the reason of insecurity.
Their event quickly devolved into a riot which her understaffed security detail was ill-equipped to manage, BBC reported.
This was as a result of poor security management. 
Another issue of the two owners of Amy's Baking Company - the Amy's Boutique and Bakery Meltdown also in 2013.
This particular company was one of the most spectacular Facebook meltdowns in the history of the Facebook social platform.
Buzzfeed news reporter Ryan Broderick also reported this, I mean it was all over the internet.
All those challenges boil down to less or no effective strategic planning.
Now we are going to talk about two powerful tools which you can use as an event company startup to stay focused.
Also manage your company effectively an…

Business Verification: New Canopy Manufacturer's Business Receives Calls Within 30 Days

Case Study

SUMMARY: Most local businesses especially in Africa had not really captured the power of online business verification, meanwhile not being able to boost their online presence.

In this case study today, read how J.O.I Shade Covers Services boosted their online presence from 0% to 10%. Within 30 days that their new business kicked off.

CHALLENGE: J.O.I Shade Covers Services was launched in October 25th 2016. After registering the business with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria, they needed to Verify the business with Google my business.

So this will enable them show up when their target customers search for their related keywords on Google.

They applied to Google for verification and Google said they sent a postcard which normally arrives within 14 Days in most countries.

They went to their nearest post offices, but could not get the postcard.

So trying to find out another option to Verify the business, because there was no other option on Google my business interf…