3 Blackout Shades Health Benefits You Should Know

Black-out-shadeYou may be wondering how possible this could be. 

 When Joseph S. Apfel invented blackout shades in 1942 in the US, his aim which he achieved was to prevent light escaping therethrough the windows.

Now as the year's go-by and as science and technology advance, there are more discoveries in addition to this invention.

Light is tricky. Though, it will chase away darkness to enable you to see your environment clearly, but will not tell you most of its negative effects.

According to experts, there is a serious danger of too much light while you try to sleep.

For example, Andy Richards from West London once complained dazzling light rays through his bedroom windows of the home he shares with the wife Kate.

They complained that the street light that shines through their windows makes it not possible for them to sleep as shown in the screenshot below.


Now let's briefly talk about the health benefits of the blackout shades which I believe will also benefit you.

The Health Benefits of the Blackout Shades:

#1. They protect you from obesity - now when your body weight is higher than normal you are obese.

When you live around a place, where there is a high level of street lights shining through your windows in the night, according to PMC report while you are exposed to artificial light you are at the risk of being obese.

 Before you go to sleep, you need to roll down the blackout shade on your window to protect you from being affected by the external light.

I was reading through some online products reviews this morning - blinds precisely.

I came across a reviewer's rating, following her comments she said, "these blinds are perfect for my daughter's bedroom, now she sleeps better. They block out the sunlight".

 Maybe she might have taken care of the light inside her daughter's room.

#2. They reduce heat to your room -  research has found that there is a global climate change.

UofL said that heat-health risks according to their study will worsen by 2050.

Meanwhile, there's a proven increase of heat in the environment.

Again, National Institution of Environmental Health Science reported that the hospital admissions increased by 7.3 percent during heat-wave times compared to less heat-wave periods.

Blackout shades could reduce the risk of getting sick.

I personally find it difficult to sleep when there is heat in my room.

#3. They reduce unwanted noise from the outside of the windows -  noiseandhealth.org recorded that when you live around where airplanes or heavy-duty vehicles take off and arrive during sleep, the noise from those vehicles is a danger signal and induce the release of stress hormones.

And also a danger of heart diseases when you stay too long under the environmental noise exposure. Other environmental continues noise such as heavy industrial activities that produce noise and things like that.

Therefore, with the help of the blackout shades, you can reduce those health issues by reducing the noise that comes from your environment.

 The Category of Group of People Who Need Blackout Shades:

Possibly, you may be in either the group in the category.

1. People who work night shift
2. Parents of young children
3. Homeowners who need to reduce heating cost
4. People who need more privacy e.t.c

Conclusion: blackout shades always fit well to the windows compared to their counterpart.

Well then, is there any other health benefits I did not mention on this product?

You can use the comment space for your contributions.

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