How To Choose The Right Tent For Camping (Simple Steps)

The experience of family tent camping can develop stronger family bonds and lasting memories. 

According to The Camping and Caravanning Club's study
  • 64 percent campers said that taking their family on camping holidays can help enhance their children and grandchildren mental wellbeing, and social skills.

But have you ever been stuck, trying to buy a camping tent due to numerous beautiful designs, styles, and colors; not knowing the one to choose?

When it comes to making decisions in buying anything, it can happen to anybody.

It has happened to me. When I went to the market to pick some packet shirts, it took me much time than expected to pick my choice designs and colors.

Due to the fact that there are dozens of different, beautiful designs, mixed colors and things like that.

The same things apply to choosing the tent for your family camping.

But in this short post, I will show you some steps I learned in terms of choosing the right tent for camping that could save you time and energy.

Let's kick off!

Step #1. When buying a new tent is not easy

There is a number of different models and styles of tents to choose from that makes it uneasy, like I mentioned earlier.

So you need to consider two factors:

1. Type of the tent you are looking at:
  • Is it Inflatable Tent?
  • Tunnel?
  • Vis A Vis?
  • Pop up tents?
  • Dome?
  • Ridge?
  • Pod tent? 
  • Geodesic/semi-geodesic?
Let's take a look at each of them on the screenshots below.


The Inflatable tent has been on the market for over 5years now, and key manufacturers have separate versions of it.

It is not hard to pitch; just in a few minutes is up, because of it's air-filled chamber's capacity, but literally expensive.


As the name implies. It was designed with the natural tunnel shape in mind.

It is a family tent with enough room where you can both live and sleep. But not really winds friend, and again also easy to pitch.

Vis A Vis

This particular family tent has a separate tent on the inside in opposite direction.

In most cases, older kids could make use of one part of it. You may determine to make it bigger by removing one on the inside.

Pop up tents
Before now, Pop up tents do accommodate two campers only at most, and it's commonly used for festivals.

But as the tent technology advances, most vendors have made it possible to accommodate more people; which is also good for family camping.

Dome tents

Dome tents are more stable when it comes to smaller models, but when it goes higher it becomes less stable.

Ridge tents

Pod tents

Pod tent is difficult to pitch, but it has many rooms capacity. So it allows everyone have their own separate space.


Geodesic/semi-geodesic is stable.

The unique four or more poles increase its stability, and it's semi-geodesic counter part's three-pole is popularly known as lightweight backpacking tents.

2. The Tents Sizes (both sleeping and floorspace)

The size of your group will also determine the size of the tent you will choose. Major camping tent sizes range from:

2 to 3 persons 30 to 45 sq ft, 4 persons 60 sq ft, 6 persons 90 to 120 sq ft, 8 persons 120 to 140 sq ft, 12 persons 180 sq ft.

So you are considering base on the number of people who are going to occupy the tent.

I expect a nice family tent brand to allow me to add up at least, three additional frills such as:

1. A shelter in the front or side of the tent

2. A ground sheet to shield the base of my tent against harm as well as earth

3. A living space cover like a quality carpet.

The tent industry has really made a lot of advancement.

You could see more features such as:
a. Wide views
b. Tinted windows
c. Blackout bedrooms
d. Skylights and built-in LED lighting etc.

Step #2. Major or key vendors in the tent market today                                                                  

You need to know the key leaders in the tent industry. I think it's necessary that you know about that too.

According to a technavio market research report, this is the list of global tent market vendors leading in the industry:

  1. Big Agnes
  2. Coleman
  3. Johnson Outdoors 
  4. North Face

Other prominent ones included:
  1.  Hilleberg
  2. Nemo Equipment
  3.  Oase Outdoor and
  4. Vango
Now, from those leading brands, you can choose the one or ones you feel that are playing the band  better.

Step #3. Consider Tents Rating in the Seasons

What are your expectations on the tent? For example, are you considering on much space, the height of the tent, separate rooms or the one with awnings attached?

Again, you want the one for sleeping space only?

You may also want to go to or to check buyers product ratings; to know how sure your expectations could be.

Conclusion: the major things you look out for when trying to choose the right camping family tent should be:

 the type of tent, the size based on a number of people, some other additional features.

 And also a reputable brand which I feel is necessary.

Well, that's it. Read also,

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