3 Reasons Strong Winds Collapse Event Tent and How To Avoid It :

In the architectural world, foundations play a very important role in building structures.

But how could an event tent that has no, or shallow foundation survive so boisterous and merciless winds?

You will get the answer to this question as we analyze the simple reasons winds collapse event tents and how you could possibly avoid it.

3 Reasons Basically :
#1. Wrong choice - meaning, quality or inferiority.

 The choice you make when hiring or purchasing an event tent will either make or Mar your event.

It is either you chose the wrong rental service or manufacturer who is not a reputable company.

 Wrong installers could be the problem.

Maybe you chose to mobilize some inexperience guys to do your installation, after you might have made your purchase.

The choice could be one way or the other.

Remember the incident on 16th Dec. 2016 about the marquee tent collapse on president Zuma of South Africa's reconciliation event?

When you look at the marquee tent in question, in the above screenshot; you will observe that is not worth it compared to the one below.

You can see a very big different both in quality and size.

The materials are mere tiny pipe frames. Well, we will talk about this little later. That takes us to the next one.

#2. Materials - the quality of the materials for the tent is one of the most important factors you did not consider.

The low grade side and roof covers could play a cardinal part in addition to winds' embarrassment during your event.

#3. Location - the city where you install an event tent could be recording a high level of severe wind.

And you might not have put those into account, you feel it's not necessary.

But I tell you, as an event management business it is wise to put wind based on your location into consideration.

If cities such as : Chicago, Buffalo - New York, Abilene - Texas, Oklahoma City -Oklahoma e.t.c, could record the highest wind speed in the US.

Compiled in March, 2016 by NOAA's National Climatic Data Center.

 Meanwhile,  this is an indication that different parts of the world have different levels of wind speed.

Therefore, you should know your city and also a matching event tent quality for a given location.

        How You Could Possibly Avoid The Wind 

Now,  let's briefly talk about how you could possibly avoid the wind from collapsing your event tent.

Talking about an event tent in general term. Most tent manufacturers mainly use light aluminium or light galvanized steel pipes for the framing.

Although, like as I mentioned earlier; it is based on your choice. Tents are of different types, sizes and designs.

The major materials for framing are: aluminium and galvanized steel pipes, but the tent technology has improved exponentially in recent times.

Marquee tents made with quality materials are one of the best in the tent industry today.

They prefer thick aluminium frames for marquees in other to achieve a durable and yet beautiful designs.

They are strong and beautifully designed, especially the ones with curved roof.

Some churches and event centers have used them for several years, since their installation without any collapsing issues.

The marquee tent in my featured image above is an event center, and it has been there in my city for over 4 years.

Although, there are mainly two factors event management companies consider:

* Cost - let's look at the service chain on how the whole stuff works.

A rental service goes to an event tent manufacturer to place a demand.

Then, the tent manufacturer would say something like for example, "we offer a low or high grade PVC Fabric, as well as framing materials and their prices respectively".

So like as I mentioned above, the choice you make could make or Mar your event.

Most event rental services would rather prefer to go for low cost materials to stay affordable.

 So as to retain their customers (the event management company) who would rather then deliver to you (the final prospect).

If I may say, that was basically a chain reaction.

* Competition - everyone has competition just as in any other business.

There is competition in event tents manufacturing as well as event management business.

Despite the competition in the game, most small or medium event management businesses tend to go for low quality materials.

Why? Because  They tend to outsmart their competition.

Conclusion : "now you can count your teeth with your tongue".

So you should know the major reasons the wind collapses an event tent, and how you could possibly avoid it.

 Look out for better installers, quality materials and know the wind speed of your event location.

 So tell us, what other reason or reasons have you got that was not mentioned?

Use the comment box below, and don't forget to share with your friends.


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