5 Amazing Benefits Of The Rectractable Awnings

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The retractable awnings or any other type of awnings primary purpose is not merely for beautification.

 Their primary purpose is mainly to provide shelter against the weather.

Some water does splash through the window when it rains though, depending on the direction of your window. So it evidently did so in at least one case. It has happened to me during last rainy season; one day I rushed out to work forgetting to shot my glass window, and it rained that day, when I got back home I meet my bed already wet.

Now again, see a short story of how Azzizzi had an encounter with two Asian women for the sake of shelter. He said,

"A few years ago, when my wife and I were still dating, we went to one of my son's little league baseball games. We knew in advance which baseball field it would be played in, so we already knew they had no seating for spectators and no shade, either. I brought lawn chairs and an EZ-Up (a canvas canopy with four legs).

"When the game was about to start, we picked out a spot down the first base line where we could set up our chairs and the EZ-Up. Several parents were already there to watch their own kids play. Like us, most of them brought their own chairs.

"I figured I’d start with the EZ-Up, then I’d go back to the car to get the chairs. Among the parents who were watching the game, there were two women (who I assume were Vietnamese) that were paying particular attention to me as I put up the EZ-Up.

"They were about 20 feet away from where I was putting the canopy up, but they kept turning around and looking at me, talking about what I was doing, and pointing at me.

"I got the impression that they had a problem with what I was doing, but I’d seen people with canopies at the games before, and I’d set up behind everyone, so I didn’t see what the problem was.

"When I’d finished putting up the canopy, I asked my wife (girlfriend at the time) to stay with the canopy while I went back to the car to get the chairs. The car wasn’t parked very far away.

"When I got the chairs from the car and headed back to the canopy, the two ladies had gotten up and were moving their chairs to be under the shade of my canopy.

"This was in the afternoon, so the shade provided by the canopy was already several feet away from being directly under the canopy. Instead of being under the canopy, the shade was a few feet to the right of the canopy, leaving the underneath side of the canopy directly in the sun.

"These ladies set their chairs down right in the middle of the shade of my canopy and were sitting there talking to each other in what I could only guess was Vietnamese.

"It might have been Thai or Laotian or something else, but whatever it was, they were talking to one another and seemed to be very happy with themselves for beating me to the shade provided by my own canopy.

"I unfolded the chairs beneath the canopy and asked my wife, “How’s that?”
My wife sat down in the chair and said, “Good, but we’re still in the sun.”

“No problem,” I said. There was no one to the left of us, so I picked up the canopy by one of the legs and dragged it across the ground to the left until the shade was covering our chairs.

"As I did this, the two Asian ladies, looked up and around, like they’re trying to figure out why their shade was disappearing, as if it wasn’t completely obvious that I was moving my own canopy so I could sit under the shade I had intended to provide for myself and my wife.

"I’d already been married for nine years to a really shitty person, so I had a lot of practice in dealing with selfish people who thought of only themselves. I wasn’t about to sit there and just suffer in the sun when I’d been the one to bring the canopy for myself and for my wife.

"These ladies were mad, though. I don’t know what they were thinking, but they had the impression that they were entitled to the shade from my canopy because they had sat down there first.
“You put that back!” One of them said. She had a really thick accent. “You can’t move that!”
“I what now?” I asked. I couldn’t believe it.
“You took the shade. We were sitting here and you took it!” The other one said.

"I was in disbelief that the two women would both come to the same conclusion. I wondered if it was some kind of cultural thing, like maybe where they were from, it was bad manners to provide something and then take it away or maybe if they had gotten there first, they thought they were entitled to it. I didn’t know and didn’t care.

"Those two then turned to each other and were squawking back and forth in whatever language they both spoke. Then, turned back to me.
“You put it back!” One of them said again.
“I what?” I asked. “This is mine. I brought it.”
“No, no,” the other one said, then said something I didn’t understand.

“You put it back!” The first one said again.
The second one said something else I couldn’t understand.
“Yeah,” I said. “I’m here to watch the game in the shade. I don’t know what you’re saying.”

"The first one said something else again in English. Rather than argue, I just pretended I couldn’t understand either of them no matter what they said.

"Every time they said something, I just answered with, “Okay, thank you.” This just made them madder. I got them to speak louder and slower and to used different words, but I would keep answering like I had no idea what they were saying.

"At one point, one of them was saying, "We sit here! You move shade! You sit there! You move back!"
I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't know what you mean. I'm sitting here. This is my chair. I brought it."
"Those two ladies sat there and squawked back and forth, kept pointing at me, pointing at the canopy, and at the shade the whole game.

"As the game wore on, the shade kept moving away from my wife and me due to the angle of the sun and kept moving toward these two ladies. I’d wait until the shade was just about to touch them before I’d get up and move the canopy again.

"TL;DR: I put up a canopy for some shade. Two ladies sit under it, then bitch at me for moving the shade so I'll be under it instead. I pretend I can't understand them when they complain".

Awnings were the only solutions to the situations I highlighted above.

Let me show you specifically, retractable awnings benefits:

#1. You can position it, retract it manually or motorize it with a remote sensor.

That means you can place it wherever you wish as long as it has a detachable surface.

#2. You can use retractable awnings outdoors

When you have an outdoor event to attend such as a ball game, you can attach it to the vehicle probably, in an open baseball field and things like that.
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#3. They are durable

Retractable awnings can last as long as 5 to 10 years, and longer if you give it a good maintenance. The durability is as the result of quality materials in its manufacturing.

#4. They allow you control the Sunrays manually or electronically

This particular benefit can be applied easily to a situation whereby the sunrays come directly through the entrance of your shop.

#5. They have quality frames which keep them intact

Frames are the skeleton of every shade structure, if they are inferior they"ll start collapsing in no distant time. Number one example is in one of my topics: 3 reasons winds collapse event tents and how to avoid it.

Conclusion: with the list of the benefits of the retractable awnings on your hand, you will be knowledgeable enough to make the right decision between the regular awnings.

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