5 Benefits Of Commercial Outdoor Sun Shade Structures Today

Commercial outdoor sun shades, residential and playground shade structures have become increasingly popular over the years. 

Besides the use of shade structures in playgrounds and sports courts, they are also used in schools, parking lots, lawns and many other such commercial and residential settings.

In fact, there are good reasons behind such popularity of shade structures.

So, if you are interested in finding out why you should invest in commercial outdoor sun shades or other similar spaces, here are a few 5 benefits you will derive from them: They will surely help you in making a quick decision.

1. Protection Against Ever-Changing Weather Conditions

Whether you talk about residential shade structures or the ones used for commercial purposes, they

offer great protection against harsh weather conditions. For instance, if you take example of

playgrounds and pools, shade structures protect the guests from rain or harsh sun. Similarly, in

commercial settings these structures can be used for the protection of merchandise while in homes they can protect a patio or children’s play area against various weather effects.

2. Shade Structures As A Passive Cooling Strategy

Shade structures as a passive cooling strategy can reduce your need for mechanical cooling while enjoying the thermal serenity. On the screenshot below ScienceDirect analyzed cooling issue based on the rapid increase on population of developed countries.

Therefore, Keeping the areas cooler isn’t just because they keep the heat from the sun at bay.

Rather, fabric shade structures let the air to get through and keep the area they cover cooler.

So, if the sun is often too harsh in your area, investing in commercial outdoor sun shades and other shade structures would be a great choice.

3. They Help Avoid Serious Health Conditions Caused By UV Rays

Now, this one is really important. Commercial or residential shade structures serve by reducing your exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

Seriously, if someone’s skin is too sensitive, they may experience sun damage even during cloudy weather or cooler days.

In fact, continues exposure to UV rays can significantly increase the risk of developing skin cancer as well.

And again, do you know you may not feel anything much negative immediately after your long skin exposure to the sun?

You may even have your bath feeling you've neutralized the effects of the sun.

Obviously, you may not feel anything bad after the shower.

Well, according to a research conducted by science.sciencemag.org there is internal DNA damage while relaxing on the beach in the sun for example.

The DNA product of a photochemical reaction responsible for Cancer-causing alterations in skin cells continues to be produced for hours after sun exposure.

So, installing these shade structures helps avoid any such conditions.

4. They Can Help Kids Stay Safe Outdoors

Obviously, you can install residential shade structures/playground in your lawn where your kids play all the time to give them a safe playing field, this way you won’t have to worry about them even if they’re playing out there at 2 pm specially at the school playground. View another sample by Shade N Net on the screenshot

when you have the area covered, you can spend more time outdoors too may be on weekends.

Similarly, shade structures installed in the outdoor community areas will encourage people to gather there and stick around for a bit longer than normal.

5. They Can Protect Your Merchandise Or Equipment

To put it simply, shade structures can protect anything that is under them. So, if you sell some equipment or merchandise for instance, you can install commercial outdoor sun shades to make sure that your inventory is safe and anything like rain or hail doesn’t affect it. This is another example by the USASHADE & fabric structures 

The overall cost is relatively low and it’s worth investing in shade structures to protect yourself against a potentially bigger loss.

So, install shade structures for whatever reason you need them and reap all the benefits they have to
offer. It will be a great investment for sure.

Finally, to keep the conversation going in the area of the commercial outdoor sun shades, residential shade structures and also the playground shade structures you can use the comment space below. Or if you need a personal contact with the admin visit the contact us page.


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