Marquee Tent Price List In Nigeria And The Truth About It

How do you feel when you search for the cost of marquee tent in Nigeria and you are presented with the search engine the Chinese prices, the US prices, or Australia's?
Marquee tent for sale

Meanwhile, you expected to see the marquee tent price tags in Nigeria market as seen on e-commerce websites such as Amazon or eBay where you could simply place an order and have it delivered to you in couple business days. (Example on the screenshot below).


          Finding the right price for the marquee tent

Before we continue, let me briefly point out something very important.

At the time we put forth our hands on the plow to instill some facts about this post's topic.

We discovered that most Nigerians who search for the cost of marquee tent in Nigeria online actually, expect to see the product displayed in a manner you could simply click a buy button, and get the marquee delivered to your doorstep; as I said earlier, like jumia does with petty items.

Nigeria as a country does not have a functional price control system.

So a variety of products may not work that way. When I browse I saw Nigerians reactions and I also felt those touchy reactions about this price control issues. Although that should be for another day.

If you are looking for marquee tent price, have it in mind that prices are not uniform for various reasons.

For example, local marquee tent may not have a fixed price. Because, the price of the galvanized pipes we use in making it, changes due to the exchange rate fluctuations, and even the foreign ones could be affected for the same reason.

So what I am trying to say is that you rather get the price quote and other terms and conditions for delivery and for the sake of clarity.

For example, when you order from us what we do is give you the price quote and deliver free to you within Lagos state. Therefore, the cost of marquee tent in Nigeria depends also on your location.

The marquee tent price list based on a variety of sizes

Prices ranging from  20m x 50m (1000 seating capacity) #20 million 

20m x 30m (600 seating capacity) #12 million 

15m x 30m (450 seating capacity) #9.5 million
15m x 25m (350 seating capacity) #8.5 million
15m x 20m (300 seating capacity) #7 million

Down to 10m x 25m (250 seating capacity) #5.5 million


  • The free space inside can be used, no vertical or horizontal Poles
  • Permanent usage
  • Density: 850g/sqm roof cover to enable it to withstand higher snow and wind load and semi-transparent 650g/sqm side walls
  • Fire retardant, waterproof and UV rays resistance
  • Heavy-duty, yet beautiful structure aluminum alloy

    Deliverables for 15m x 25m marquee tent

For more clarity, here are deliverables for our marquees. We use 15m x 25m for example.
 a. Structure and quantity - side beams; 12 lengths
 Gable beams; 24 lengths 
Beams for gable; 4 lengths
Polines; 54 lengths
X-bars; 8 lengths
Tension belts; 16 pcs
Bolts and nuts; 60 pcs
Base plates; 16 pcs 
b. Marquee covers - roof covers; 5 pcs
Side covers with windows; 16 pcs
Gable cover; 2 pairs

Conclusion: if you have been looking for the cost of marquee tent in Nigeria you are at the right place. You want to get a quote just use our contact us page.

In other words, most customers who contact us on phone always expect to see marquee tents on display like in a showroom when they come to our office.

Imagine how large a marquee is. It is not done that way. 

What we do is when you come to buy the marquee tent our experienced staff would take you to the warehouse where we hand pick your chosen size. 

If you look for marquee tent price you can also like the two categories of tents. 

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